Bloodlines War Official Game Guide

Quick Start Guide

All you need to play Bloodlines War is the Bloodlines War Combat HUD. The HUD allows you to target and attack other Bloodlines War players. The HUD gives you the ability to form your army and to control weapons. You start out with just the bare-fisted attack, but your HUD can control other weapons as well, such as your Thirst Fangs, the Psionic Blast Implant, the Rage Claws, and more weapons yet to be released.

Ranked Statistics

The statistics ranked on the homepage of the Bloodlines War site are: Lethality, Experience, Empire, War Heroes, Strongholds, and Conquerors.

  1. Lethality
    Players ranked by lethality, a measure of combat effectiveness.
  2. Experience
    Players ranked by experience, which can be gained by defeating other players.
  3. Empires
    An empire is the sum of all base-points. Each pylon is worth one point on a base.
  4. Strongholds
    Strongholds are Dominion bases that have been held for the longest.
  5. War Heroes
    War Heroes are players with the most pylons captured from other armies.
  6. Conquerors
    Conquerors are armies with the most points gained by capturing bases from other armies.


When fighting other avatars, be advised that different weapons have different effective ranges, and different recharge times. Also, some weapons have sweet spots where they reach maximum effectiveness. We could tell you what these properties are, but we thought it would be more fun to let you figure them out. What we can tell you is that having more vital blood in your veins will make your combat bites more powerful, and having more lumens in your veins will make your combat claw attacks more powerful.

Health and Death

When your health is reduced to zero, you will be dead. When you die, your death count goes up by 1, and you will be unable to attack or to take dominion pylons for 60 seconds. When dead, you can use a health serum, and come back into battle immediately. Using a health serum will also raise you to 100% health at any time during combat.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to own The Thirst or The Rage Bloodlines systems in order to play Bloodlines War?
    No. It's not necessary to be a part of the current Bloodlines systems in order to play Bloodlines War. Bloodlines War allows you to create your own armies and command structures, and manage the game however you want. It is designed to work within a vampires vs. lycans vs. humans system, but your gameplay doesn't have to have anything to do with vampires or lycans. You can fight between two entirely human armies. However, in order to gain the vampire or lycan attacks, you will need to get the Thirst fangs or Rage claws.
  • I'm currently a vampire/lycan. How will playing Bloodlines War affect my current Bloodlines statistics?
    It won't. The statistics associated with Bloodlines War are entirely separate from statistics gained through playing The Thirst or The Rage. However, if you have the Thirst or the Rage systems, your Vital Blood and Lumen levels will affect the strength of your vampire and lycan attacks within War. The more vital blood or lumens you have in you, the stronger your bites and slashes will be.
  • How can I register my sim / become a game master for Bloodlines War?
    You don't have to register your sim, and there aren't really game masters in Bloodlines War. It works everywhere that scripts are enabled. However, you can set up a dominion set on your sim, and build a level where people can come and battle for control of the base. Please be advised that if your sim restricts access to a group or a list of avatars, you can still play, but won't be eligible for the public rankings such as Strongholds and Empires.
  • How can I find places to play Bloodlines War?
    On the armies page of, there is a list of bases owned by each army. If you click on the base, it will show you where it is on an SL map and which army currently holds the base. Click to teleport and attack!
  • How is lethality calculated?
    Lethality is a measure of combat effectiveness that is calculated from your kills, your deaths, your one-hit kills, and your body count. Kills, one-hit kills, and body count all increase your lethality, and deaths decrease it.
  • How do I level up and gain experience?
    Experience is gained by defeating other players. However, you can only gain so much experience off of defeating the same avatar repeatedly. So, to gain a lot of experience, you must also have a high body count, which will also increase your lethality rating.
  • What is the experience curve?
    An "experience curve" is a formula used to calculate how many experience points are necessary to level up. For Bloodlines War, it's very straightforward: the number of experience points you need to get to the next level is: (current level +1) *5. So, to get from level 1 to 2, you need 10 xp. To get from level 2 to 3, you need 15 more. To get from level 3 to 4, you need 20 more. The xp curve plateaus at 200 xp. So, to reach every successive level after 39, it's always 200 additional experience points.