Bloodlines War

is an easy-to-use combat system for Second Life®. With Bloodlines War, you can stake out your territory and gather an army to defend it. You can get all the gear you need at the Bloodlines War store in Liquid Badlands. If you have the Bloodlines Vampire system, you can use War to wage clan wars. If not, you can still choose a team, stake a territory, and defend your dominion!

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Current HUD Version: [1.9] Please make sure you're using the most recent version.

Most Lethal

Measure of combat effectiveness based on other combat statistics. More »

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Most Experienced

Experience is gained by battling other players. More »

Rank Name XP


Armies with the highest base-points. More »

Rank Army Size


Bases held for the longest. More »

Rank Region Army

War Heroes

Fighters with the most pylon capture points. More »

Rank Name Points


Armies with the most base captures. More »