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The Mine

The Mine

The Mine is a defensive explosive device for the purpose of killing one or more avatars that are invading a parcel that you own. The Mine is proximity-triggered, cloakable, and gives you the ability to remotely detonate it on command if you see an opportune moment to do so. It is a one-use device, and you may place, control, and explode as many mines as you wish during combat.


  1. 1 Mine
  2. 1 Set Instructions
  3. 1 Bloodlines TOS Notecard
  4. 1 Liquid designs Copyright & EULA Notecard
  5. 1 LM to Bloodlines Main Store


You may rez your mine on any land you wish, but scripts must be enabled on the land in order for the mine to function properly.

Drag and drop your mine on the parcel you wish to defend. Once placed, it will show up as a dark sphere with spikes, and register with the Bloodlines:WAR website. Once registered, you will be able to click the mine and activate the menu.

Mine Controls

The Mine gives you several controls via a blue menu, or chat commands on channel 6 ( /6 + command ).

  • ARM - This will arm the mine. You will have 5 seconds to clear away from the mine. Once the mine is armed, if any avatar walks within 5 meters of it, it will detonate, killing any and all avatars wearing the Bloodlines : WAR HUD within 5 meters.
  • DISARM - This will disarm the mine, rendering it harmless until it is armed again.
  • CLOAK - This will make the mine prims invisible, as well as shrink the mine to its smallest possible dimensions, making it hard to see. Be careful! It is easy to lose a mine this way, or to forget where it is placed.
  • UNCLOAK - This will make the mine opaque again, and restore it to full size so it can be seen / moved / etc.
  • DETONATE - This will remotely trigger the mine, regardless of proximity of avatars. Any avatar in the blast radius upon detonation will die.
  • HELP - Chats a list of commands you activate on channel 6.